Yamaha YST-SW216 Powered Subwoofer

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The Yamaha YST-SW216 subwoofer sets the standard for this class of subwoofers for low noise and high dynamic power. This is achieved through the implementation of Advanced YST II technology, the use of the Front Firing system, as well as other technical achievements.

Active servo technology used in the subwoofer of this model was developed by Yamaha specially for the best reproduction of bass. This helps create a live sound effect when playing back. Yamaha YST-SW216 will give an unforgettable movie experience right at your home.

Subwoofer YAMAHA YST-SW216

The technology used in these systems fully sounds like Advanced Yamaha Active Servo Technology II. The use of such solutions began back in 1998, when Yamaha introduced new loudspeaker systems in the audio market. They were endowed with technology Active Servo Technology, which uses a direct connection of the amplifier and loudspeaker. This connection allows you to accurately transmit the signal and monitor the speaker.

This technology uses an amplifier with a negative impedance and a Helmholtz resonator, which ensures the reproduction of low frequencies through an opening in the speaker housing. The impedance changes when the frequency of the sound changes. This technology is developed relatively recently. It ensures the development of an exceptionally high level of sound pressure, thereby increasing the overall efficiency of the system.


The YST-SW216 subwoofer provides very powerful bass. High-quality parts of this system, as well as a reliably constructed body, give the sound a stunningly clear low frequency. First-class components that are used in this model can cope with large sound loads. The proprietary Advanced YST technology will provide an excellent bass deep sound. This device has small dimensions, it can be transferred. Place this unit as near the audio system on the floor, and on a special stand. The quality finish of the device perfectly fit in the rooms with different interiors. These musical instruments have excellent characteristics and provide an amazing sound.

With fairly small overall dimensions, the device demonstrates a 100-watt dynamic power. The subwoofer sizes are 25 cm. The frequency range that a sub is able to reproduce is from 25 to 180 Hz. The device will create a realistic and accurate sound when playing audio tracks. With this device, the user will receive the most pleasant impressions from watching movies. It demonstrates the well-known Japanese quality of the reproduced sound.

To get high-quality low-frequency sound, one subwoofer is enough in your speaker system, but in some systems it is recommended to use a pair of such devices to achieve maximum effect.

If you use one YST-SW216 subwoofer in your home theater system, it’s best to place it on the outside of the right or left front speaker. You can also install it between the front speakers.

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