Must-Have Android Apps for 2018

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We continue to review interesting applications for the two most popular mobile platforms – Android and iOS. We will tell you about the programs that we liked, fresh versions of which were released recently. With official ratings and collections of new applications, you can traditionally read on Google and Apple. In the comments you can list the programs, which, in your opinion, also deserve attention.

Crypto Coins Watcher

Crypto Coins Watcher

Hot topic of last year is unlikely to release minds in 2018. Therefore, we will start the next top applications with a couple of programs that allow you to track virtual currency rates, as well as conduct basic calculations with them. Crypto Coins Watcher provides an opportunity to conduct surveillance as a popular bitcoin, which regularly pleases the change of course, and for alternative crypto-currencies.


Selfissimo! ( Android , iOS ), using advanced algorithms for capturing selfies. You can change the facial expression and position of the body, but once it is locked, the program automatically takes a picture. That is, now you do not have to drag your finger to the button and thus spoil the potential masterpiece or set a timer and wonder if it will work in time.


eBoox ( Android , iOS ), for example, is free and does not contain advertising. It supports the most popular e-book formats (fb2, epub, doc, docx, mobi, prc, txt, rtf, etc.). The application provides downloading content to the reader from any phone folder and SD card, “cloud” or browsers. Also there are built-in online catalogs of books, there is an opportunity to download free publications or to purchase “LitRes” placed in the library.

Moon + Reader

Moon + Reader ( Android ) is a slightly more advanced analog of eBoox (although depending on which side). Here, monetization occurs through the display of advertising, but it is unobtrusive and disconnected – in the paid version. Having paid, the user receives additional “buns” in the form of support for PDF files, access to statistics, support for multitouch, output of shortcuts to the desktop and so on. But for most it will be enough and the basic version of Moon + Reader.

Icy Ropes

Arcade games that do not require special skills – a dime a dozen. However, often for simplicity lies the most real hardcore. It is this game, apparently, and is Icy Ropes ( Android , iOS ). It will take some time to understand the intricacies of control and get a little farther than the first tower: in Icy Ropes you will have to manage two characters connected by the same chain (more precisely, the rope). Quite funny and even develops a little sense of mutual assistance. True, I will have to help myself in this case. In Icy Ropes gradually become available to various characters, there is a superheavy game mode (although without it is not easy).

Tanks a lot

Incredible, but true – the Belarusians have developed a game about tanks. “Yes, yes, again Belarusians, and again tanchiki”, – do not hide the programmers. Game Tanks a lot! ( Android ) differs from the “classical” and is still at the testing stage. The project managed to attract attention even before the release: the “tanks” were nominated for the Best Graphics Award for DevGamm 2017 and for the best multiplayer at the Indie Awards 2017. At the disposal of the gamer there is a tank that can be assembled from dozens of details that affect the characteristics of the death machine – which is good in one battle, will be useless in the other. Now in the game several combat modes are realized: “Command Desmatch” (three comrades against three enemies, for all about all – two minutes) and “Battle for resources” (the goal is to seize resources and protect them as long as possible).


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